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- About Artemisa -



Artemisa offers handmade, natural plant based products for wellness and personal care.


Artemisa is a grassroots purpose-driven company that focuses on developing conscious products from fair trade and organic certified sourced ingredients.

Focused on bringing integral alternatives for personal care and health that are 100% free of chemicals that harm the body. 


Products of Artemisa are mostly inspired by the medicinal root Chilcuague, also called Golden Root, Aztec Root, Chilmecatl, among other names.


Chilcuague root is mostly recognized as an anesthetic, analgesic and antibiotic for digestive and respiratory system as well as supporting the immune system. The list of properties of this root goes on and on.


Connecting with Latin-American indigenous communities with the intention to help preserve, protect, and bring value to the sacred plants that mother earth provides, as well as a sustainable and equitable fair trade relationship with farmers.

With an environmental approach, sustainability and permacultural visions are of the most important values that Artemisa is based upon in the process of production and packaging, offering eco friendly systems as much as it is possible.



Oceana Joos founded Artemisa when she discovered the magnificent healing root called Chilcuague, which gave fruition to her passion for studying deeper into Herbalism and its essential benefits for the physical, mental and spiritual health of the human body. 


Oceana started making her own tinctures as well as daily use products with the idea to stop consuming products from big companies that promise quality but little do they accomplish. She formalized to become the herbalist of Artemisa and soon Artemisa became a bigger dream, a bigger intention and project, with the help of ICSAW, ( International Center of Sacred Ancestral Wisdom) in which, communities around Central and South America are being sustained and valued through the respectful use of their plants, to then share it with the world with love and transparency and a lack of excessive profit like we have seen from so many companies and corporations.


Artemisa products are fair trade, cruelty free, non gmo, artisanal, love intended, plant based, herbal medicine.


Oceana, the founder, also believes that part of the richness and special value that each handmade product holds, is due to the focus and intention of gratitude and love she puts in them. 

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Golden Root, Chilcuan, Chilmecatl, Heliopsis Longipes or Chilcuague is a rare root from the desert of Mexico known for its many medicinal properties, used by ancient tribes to treat different infections, parasites and others.

This amazing plant is one that needs to be protected for it only grows in specific areas of Mexico. We kindly bring it to you with the best intention to raise awareness of its value and to honor this and all mother earth’s gifts.

Gratitude, Love and Respect. Always.

1. raiz_manos.jpg


Chilcuague root is also used as a condiment in foods and alcoholic beverages. It has depurative properties. Upon ingestion, it produces abundant secretions of bodily fluids such as saliva, sweat and urine due to its influence on the maxillary gland, which is why it was used by Chichimecas both as a condiment and as a natural medicine.

As you chew on the root, or spray the tincture in your mouth, it stimulates your taste buds to vibrate and makes your mouth salivate strongly, followed by a numbing, tingly and anesthetic sensation.


Boosting your immune system as the effect takes place, exciting your endorphins, cleansing teeth, gums, tongue on a restorative level, It continues to clean as you swallow it, helping balance gastrointestinal fluids by neutralizing acidity, attacking unwanted bacteria and parasites, helping reduce stomach inflammation.

Chilcuague is known as a powerful Antiseptic, Analgesic, Antifungal, Immune booster, Anesthetic and Antiparasitic natural remedy.




Warming, Drying, Astringent, Tonic, Sialogogue. Nervous System, Circulation, Respiratory and Urinary Stimulant.


Effects and Taste of Chilcuague Root: 


Strong, bitter, acrid, pungent, spicy,  tingly and numbing sensation in the mouth, sialogogue (salivation). Slightly tingly and numbing effect on skin.

Applications and Uses: 


INTERNAL USES - Mouth cleanse,  Digestion, Immune support, Sore throat, Cold & Flu, Tooth pain/infection, controls Allergies symptoms Alleviates Nausea.

EXTERNAL USES - Skin burns, Insect bites  Acne, Psoriasis, Athletes foot, Fungal Problems, Candida, Infections

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Our Chilcuague Extractions

We have different forms of chilcuague extractions that provide the best benefits

according to its use.

5. chilcuague extract.jpg

Chilcuague Extract

Cane Alcohol extraction. Strong.

 This is our strongest form of extraction and really helps to deeply cleanse, lower inflammation, and works amazing as a pain killer for both oral and skin uses.


Definitely the most effective in attacking directly the problem, all though you might not need it as strong as it is  for all the occasions and this is why we created alternative forms of chilcuague extractions. 

4. chilcuarite1.jpg


Vegetable Glycerin, Alcohol free extraction.  Medium Strong.

This extraction works amazing for both oral and skin with the extra benefit that it moisturizes skin. 


Sometimes chilcuarite will do the job better than the alcohol extraction because it does not dry out the skin or mouth, for example, if you have a sore and dry throat, it works better because it does not damage or dry the skin as opposed to the alcohol based tincture.  


It's also much easier to take in case you do not like the taste and effect of chilcuague.  

3. oxy1.jpg

Chilcuague and Rose Oxymel

Raw Organic Honey & Apple Cider Vinegar, Alcohol free extraction. Medium Mild.

Our Sweet, tasty and femenine extraction made with honey, vinegar and rose petals, makes chilcuague an easy to take, yummy and much lighter experience. 


Used a lot for kids, and for very sensitive people that want to have a lighter experience of chilcuague in their mouth, very useful for sore throat and flu symptoms.

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